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Inspiration or Emulation?: How to Find Your Personal Style.

January 17, 2018








 Would you rather be a trend or would you rather be Ralph Lauren? An amazing quote, spoken by the king of rap Jay-z, when talking about his longevity in the rap game. This quote speaks to me because when you think about it in its literal sense, it can easily be applied to fashion & personal style. Would you rather just be trendy or would you rather have your own personal style, that is unique to you? Over the years, the age of social media has taken over. Five or six years ago, being a Youtuber or a blogger was a unique thing in itself. Now with the age and the ease of smart phones you don't have to purchase a DSLR for quality content, thus making the realm of "blogging" saturated.However, on the bright side of things, there is a way to combat this issue, find your own personal style. Those are words that are much easier said than done. Realistically, its hard not to get caught up in the 1000's of trends that seem to come into fashion daily. Its easy to distracted when you go into fast fashion stores and the cool, trendy clothing is all you see. But its important block out all the hype, and focus on the looks and pieces that fit your unique style. 



1. Pull Inspo...but not to much. 

Inspiration is amazing and necessary for anything involving art. However, when inspiration turns into emulation it becomes a problem. You should always be asking yourself "does this piece fit me?". Its easy to get caught up in the hype and the trendiness of an item and forget what your true style is. Decide what pieces truly go with your overall aesthetic.  There are many places to get inspiration from whether it be, bloggers, runway shows, or magazine ads. In today's world there are so many resources when it comes to fashion, and it is no crime to use them. 



2. Focus on the basics. 

With so many trends floating around, it can really cloud your judgement when it comes choosing the right pieces for you. When developing your personal style start with basic, timeless pieces. Doing this will ensure you aren't choosing items only because of their hype. Your wardrobe is only as strong as the essentials it has in it. Also, filling your closet with basics will make it easier to style those occasional trendy items. 



3. Go with your instincts.

Go with your gut. Some thought should go into what you wear, but don't make it rocket science. At the end of the day you know exactly what makes you feel good and what doesn't. Trust yourself and your natural instincts and roll with it. You will make a lot of fashion mistakes, I know first hand, but don't let that dictate your decisions. If you trust the process you will look back on your style and be proud of how much you've evolved. 


4. Consistency is Key

 Once you've found the style that works for you, even if its not one single style, be consistent! If wearing a lot of jackets is your style, go out and stock up on a lot of jackets. Consistency in your style will make getting dressed that much easier because you always have an idea of what you're wearing. It may not be simple to figure out what your personal style is but once you do, rock with it. 


5. Take Risks!

The ultimate tip for finding your personal style! Risk taking sets you apart from the everyone else. Try something you've never seen anyone else do and it will take your personal style to a whole other level. Think about different ways you can layer and style different pieces. Some of most liked pictures are looks I decided to take a risk on, you never what can come out of a look you are unsure about. 


Thank you for reading 

Stay Blessed

--The Fashion Newb

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